Just like fashion or beauty, the decoration sometimes feels like pushing wings until we propose tendencies a little extreme or a little too original. Although these may be interesting, we must admit that we do not imagine a single second at home. You do not see what it is? Evidence in 10 trends that decoration sometimes goes a little too far.


The unicorn

This is a delicate subject to address because honestly, no one can fight against a unicorn and its fairy (which invades today the fashion and the kitchen) but decoration level, it leaves anyway a little to be desired. We are not talking about the decoration of your little girl’s room, which is quite adequate in this case, but rather unicorn decorative objects intended for people over 8 years old. Admittedly, it’s funny and good-natured, but does this unicorn lamp have any other purpose than that of having you carried away by your friends? Not to mention that in 6 months this object will also be unbearable.




The bohemian style is a bit like the hairstyling style that requires staying in the bathroom for an hour to get a hairstyle that looks like a bed lift. Some would say that it is especially a waste of time because the bohemian style, like the style coiffé-disheveled, is actually very difficult to control. The worst is that the result must give the impression of having made no effort while you have certainly sacrificed all your Sunday morning to hunt any small object to refine your style.



Worn walls

When some despair of not having the time or the budget to clean up their walls, others spend energy and empty bank accounts to line their homes with decrepit wallpaper or leached. Moreover this trend does not stop there and one can see also new furniture which seem rusty and grounds left rough.This “grunge” option in the house is not unpleasant but it has some disadvantages: your parents will be convinced that you are ruined and you will do the housework, you will always find dust at home.



Backwards books

One of the latest controversies in terms of decoration because even in this area, there can be “bad buzz”. The subject who is angry is a storage technique for his library. Some have had the idea to place their books upside down so that only the slice is visible. The “backwards books” won over all those who wanted a library with a more neutral and minimalist style, but it shocked all book lovers who consider it “an apology for illiteracy”. “.On our side, we just recognize that it’s more complicated to find in this way “The Flowers of Evil”.



The mix & amp; match

In truth, we love the mix & amp; a game that consists of mixing different styles and mismatching what usually needs to be coordinated. The only problem of Mix & amp; Match is that it requires a real investment and a real knowledge of deco and design. A mix & amp; An unsuccessful match leads to a whimsical set, an interior of odds and ends which, instead of fantasizing, is pitiful. Unfortunately the mix & amp; Match is an almost exact science that only the most demanding in terms of decoration know how to master.



The Cabinet of Curiosities

If the reason for the cabinets of curiosities was initially a need of knowledge of the things of the world, this “decoration” has today become a style in itself. She even influenced the decoration as we can see with the success of glass bells.If almost everyone admires the spirit of curiosity cabinets, few of us have the courage or folly to inspire them at home. Who would like to share his home with a human skull (even if we know it is wrong) and a stuffed bird?
deco cabinet of curiosities



Indoor garden furniture

In recent years, garden furniture has taken on new colors and style. Finished all the chairs and table in white plastic aging badly and quickly under the effect of climatic conditions. Today we marvel at colorful furniture, in more noble materials and more contemporary styles. The garden furniture became so nice to watch that they finally invaded the interior. Unfortunately, if their aesthetics is good indoor, we can not say as much of their comfort.Try to watch TV on a garden bench, you will understand.



The open dressing room

For the style, we totally adhere to the concept of open dressing. It allows in addition to create a dressing area in a small space. Unfortunately the open closet has some pretty heavy defects. First it requires to be very orderly: a person who is not straddling storage will quickly end up with a pile of clothes visible to all. Finally, the open dressing requires to observe a certain unity in the colors of his clothes. An open dressing room is indeed more beautiful in monochrome, the question then is whether we really want to always dress in the same color.