They are beautiful, they are big (not necessarily), always comfortable, often convertible, sometimes velvet … In short all the sofas of this selection have their say and style to resell. Demonstration.

Covered with velvet, this sofa bed combines style and pragmatism. It is not less comfortable thanks to its fluffy buds. High-end, it will withstand time and fads. A must in the living room or in a guest room.

This convertible sofa is also reversible to the desire: right or left, it’s you who decide. Classic and elegant, this slate color model will blend seamlessly into any decorating style.
This black convertible sofa has more than one asset under its cover. But the biggest is probably its built-in Bultex mattress. The Grail of comfort.
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In doubt ? Opt for a basic sofa, white and convertible to accommodate friends arrived at the last minute. Right in its feet, this classic model displays straight lines and without false note. Impossible to be wrong.

In 2018, the famous Chesterfield sofa forgets its leather and replaces it unscrupulously with linen, a softer and refined coating that fits easily into minimalist interiors. Do not panic: it still keeps all its dimples so as not to lose comfort.

Linen sofas have not finished making soft eyes in our living rooms. This gray 3-seater model is a perfect example. Its warm, family-like look will definitely appeal to all members of the tribe!

And why not break the codes? More original than a sofa, this oil blue chaise is not less comfortable! Very current, this type of furniture is installed, for example, in front of a classic sofa, or in a library corner.

Scandinavian to the end of capitons, this 2-seater sofa plays with its contemporary lines to make the rest of the furniture in your living room blush. Small and compact, it will not take much space but will bring a lot of style.
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