This is the first decorative impression you give before entering the house. On the doorstep, the doormat is more than a functional accessory, it slips us a greeting. Here are 8 demonstrations that do not lack spice!
Coconut Velvet Doormat
This big coconut model proudly sports a city bike, in a charming retro style. An original way of informing visitors when entering the bicycle is appreciated at home, it even has parking right in the house.
Cloud Coconut Doormat
Knock knock, are we good at the house of dreams? Without a doubt ! We fall for this poetic model coconut shaped cloud. It is an original and sweet welcome that we reserve you thanks to him!
Multicolored Coconut Beach Doormat
This is a doormat that will make waves in your entry! The swimsuit is certainly not mandatory, but your guests are warned: at home, it speaks travel and dream vacation, never work!
Rubber and coconut doormat
Elegant doormat in coconut and rubber! We imagine it on the doorstep of the garden, perfect for wiping the feet efficiently before entering the house.We like its contours in arabesques and its bi-material aspect.
Coconut doormat with ornament patterns
This large model plays the classic and refined ornament to sublimate an entry. It promises a neat and welcoming interior. Because the mats all sad, very little for you!
Coconut doormat Beware of the cat
Too classic rectangular mats? Opt for this original rounded version. It gives a glimpse of a cat, accompanied by a message that does not lack humor. Your cat would not let it easily take in the arms?
Doormat Welcome Home
It is always welcome that we wish any newcomer. Just post it directly on the doormat! Made of 100% natural coconut fiber, it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.
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