Essential storage cabinet for the bedroom, the dressing wardrobe is a must for storing clothes and accessories. 1, 2 or 3 doors, with drawer or mirror, choose the one that suits you. Here is our selection of wardrobes for your room, functional and stylish!
Wardrobe 3 doors 1 drawer
This beautiful cabinet that comes from Vendée adopts soft and modern codes. White and wood, a simple and minimalist duo to adapt to all the decorations. We love the large drawer that can store extra accessories or shoes.
Wardrobe 2 doors
This super practical cabinet contains a laundry area, a wardrobe space and two drawers hidden behind the doors.With its well thought out layout, your belongings will be tidy. Plus: it will not fit in your room.
Wardrobe 2 doors Natural Wood
With this beautiful natural wood cabinet, you give a Scandinavian look to your master bedroom. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it offers a beautiful closet storage space. Most ? Its base gives a vintage touch to the set.
Wardrobe 2 Doors Guzmap
With its light color and plenty of storage space, this solid wood cabinet will easily find its place next to your bed. It offers 4 drawers, a wardrobe space and different compartments for underwear, pants, sweaters …
Wardrobe 3 Doors Big black & brown
This wardrobe in plum and laminate gives character to your room: contemporary, black and brown duo, it offers plenty of storage behind its three doors.The proof that a wardrobe can be very elegant design furniture.
gray metal cabinet 3 doors Maxim
Industrial ambience guaranteed with this gray metal cabinet that looks like the lockers of American high schools. A wardrobe and several lockers can store clothes and linens but it will fit just as well in an office.
Wardrobe 4 Doors Charm White
Want to give your room a chic, romantic look? This beautiful spruce cabinet evoking antique furniture will be ideal! It has a practical mirror for dressing and a good storage capacity for an attractive price.
Wardrobe 6 doors and 3 drawers Maëlys
With its design and sober appearance, this cabinet with multiple storage will be perfect for a large room.Feel free to equip it with a dressing kit to optimize the space and protect your clothes and accessories. The magic of storage!
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(*) Price found on the website on 04/04 // 2018, subject to change based on commercial offers.