Lush foliage, exotic animals, bamboo or rattan: from the cushion to the furniture, the jungle is welcome in the house when the weather arrives. We give you 8 shopping ideas to invite you to your home.
Poster art illustration jungle mirage
If you dare not dress a wall with lush foliage wallpaper, put on this pretty poster design. With her drawing designed by the artist Tracie Andrews, she will contribute to the exotic atmosphere of your living room.
Bamboo Coffee Table
Destination the tropics with this bamboo coffee table. We like its sober and functional design, its ease of maintenance and its resistance that allow us to install it inside and outside.Quickly, it’s time for a drink!
Cushion cover Tatti jungle 100% Linen
By small touches, we can easily manage to create a very warm urban jungle atmosphere. As with this cushion cover with exotic foliage print on both sides. We love its chic look and 100% linen material.
Palm Palm Tree Rug Green
This is the big dive in a jungle of palm trees with this Palm carpet signed Zuiver, a deep green and proposed in two sizes. Installed in a living room or a spacious room, it is immediately an invitation to travel, a promise of holidays!
Bamboo Lantern Mila HK Living
In the living room as on the terrace, do you like playing extensions with friends or read in the light of soft lighting? You’ll love this bamboo lantern, lay on the floor and surround yourself with exotic plants.Tropical atmosphere assured!
Leaf Table Set
In ephemeral decoration, it works too! Play the holiday card in the tropics with these Monstera leaf-shaped sets. Made of rubber, they have the advantage of being anti-slip on the table.
Suspension design wood beads
Create a warm atmosphere with this beautiful suspension exotic look. We love its delicate and original design made of natural wood beads as much as the play of shadows and cozy light that it diffuses.
Set of 6 jungle dessert plates
The invitation to travel far is also in the plate with this porcelain dessert model. We can easily imagine it garnished with fruity preparations, between exotic pavlova, coconut panna cotta or victoria pineapple verrine!
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