7 mistakes to avoid for your new kitchen

You want to properly decorate your kitchen , whether it is an open kitchen or closed, small or large, in length … House side went to meet three kitchen experts who deliver the mistakes to avoid in the kitchen. layout of your ideal kitchen .

For a successful layout of your future kitchen, it is essential to have a layout of the elements – worktop, refrigerator , sink, oven… – perfectly optimized. Philippe Carillo, interior designer, Alexa Funes, decorator and Hortense Reynaud, architect DPLG, give you their mistakes not to commit to a well-appointed kitchen , with a facilitated circulation and perfectly functional equipment.

Mistake 1: Underestimate the surface of the work plan

The work plan is a very popular element in the kitchen. It is therefore essential to arrange it with care and to have a sufficient surface to cook: to put a dish, a pan … To envisage a part of work plan for the space preparation of the meals, another part for the service before washing. Without forgetting a part where to put the races when one arrives or to put the small electrical appliances (coffee maker, toaster …)

The minimum depth of the worktop usually corresponds to the standard depth of furniture and appliances , ie 60 cm. Depending on the technical configuration of some kitchens, this depth may not be sufficient (especially because of plumbing and electricity connections), so it is sometimes necessary to have a depth of 65 or 70 cm.

There are also several standardized widths. The minimum is 186 cm, up to 300 or 315 cm. Worktops can, for the most part, be cut out. A cheaper solution than custom work plans. For larger widths, it is preferable to custom.

Mistake 2: Misplacing the three essential functions in the kitchen (cooking, washing and storing)

For perfect ergonomics in the kitchen, the triangle of activity combines the three essential functions – cooking (hotplates, oven, microwave), washing (sink, dishwasher) and storing (refrigerator, freezer) – must be integrated in its design. The goal is to limit movement from one area to another, with the most accessibility possible. Alexa Funes advises installing the trash can near the sink, the storage close to the dishwasher and joining the plates and the oven.

Position the triangle of activity in the kitchen

Mistake 3: Install a hood not very powerful and therefore noisy

The interior designer Philippe Carillo advises to choose a hood , certainly aesthetic but also and especially powerful. In addition to being effective, its sound level is almost inaudible. Therefore prefer a powerful hood which, at speed 1, is quieter than speed 3 of another hood and for a similar flow.

In short, find out about the sound level of your hood before buying it. Good to know: Philippe Carillo advises not to install an extractor hood in a kitchen where there is an individual gas boiler.

Mistake 4: Sub-size storage in the kitchen

Essential elements in the kitchen, storage should be well thought out and also, many. Multiply ingenious ideas to offer additional storage space: for example, choose kitchen furniture that runs to the ceiling and increase their depth from 63 to 65 cm. The credence can also be used and be equipped with small open lockers, shelves, bars or grids with hooks to hang and easily catch the accessories. Also use corner cupboards so you do not lose a nook.

A kitchen with storage

Mistake 5: Paste the sink to a column or wall

In a kitchen, the sink is an essential element of the equipment, very solicited. It is therefore important to study one’s place carefully. Even if the sink installs a little where you want, or almost, it is best to avoid sticking against a storage column or wall. Such an installation is unpleasant to use, far from practical. And do not forget, always think of the famous triangle of activity: the sink should be placed near the trash can and the dishwasher for perfect ergonomics.

Mistake 6: Install your kitchen in an angle

In general, the corner kitchen is anything but practical. Corner furniture is often uncomfortable to use: it is difficult to access at the bottom of corners. And they do not bring a real saving of space. The architect Hortense Reynaud advises to favor the linear face to face for good ergonomics.

Mistake 7: Incorrect positioning technical arrivals

Electrical and plumbing fixtures must be positioned according to a technical plan that must be strictly adhered to so that appliances can fit easily. All appliances (oven, hob, hood …) must have a dedicated outlet and positioned at a specific location. For example, the wire outlet for the hob is usually 30 cm from the floor. Technical arrivals must be anticipated and taken into account before installing your future kitchen.

Other mistakes to avoid …

The interior designer lists four other errors:

– Install the drainer on the left of the sink: an impractical installation for right-handers . When using a sink, a right-handed person has a preference for a faucet centered on the sink or eccentric on the right. Thus, with the right hand, the gesture is more natural to place the utensil on a drip tray placed on the right.

– Always think of the cooking plate 4 fires: finally very little useful, prefer a 3 foci, even 2 . Who uses 4 fires at the same time? Nobody or almost. And if it is for the pans play elbows … It is therefore better to install a plate 3 homes to use all three at the same time and use a larger container.

– Multiply the materials: choose 2 or 3 materials, never more to ensure style . Too many different materials – both wood, metal, glass, concrete, slate – load the kitchen and involve junctions to be treated.

– Avoid the tap beach directly on a wooden worktop . Water will eventually seep into the tap hole, soak the wood and create mold.