In a house, the garage often tends to be quickly cluttered with objects of all kinds: bikes, cardboards, tools … How to optimize and arrange the space to navigate? How to make a functional place, pleasant, even a living room? The writing tells you everything!


Our 5 tips

– Sorting
– Tidy up your garage
– Create multiple spaces
– To arrange his garage in room to live
– Make his garage pleasant to live



1. Sorting

And yes, if you want a clean and tidy garage, you will have to go through the sorting box. Because we tend to store everything and anything in this room, and to forget what is there!
As for clothes, the simplest is to group the material by theme, and to look at what can still be used. Separate yourself from broken objects, which you know you will never repair.Sell ??what is no longer useful and for the rest, a key word: Optimize your garage!



2. Storing your garage properly

Instead of collecting cardboard boxes or storing everything on the floor, it is better to use the walls and the storage floor as much as possible. So we put on:
shelves: Practical storage for storage and storage bins!
cabinets for cleaning products
storage boxes: We arrange items by family to find their way back
bottle holders for water and fruit juices in stock
steel hooks for cleaning accessories, linen or hanging bikes on the wall!
a workbench to store your do-it-yourself equipment.



3. Create multiple spaces

A garage, by definition, is used to store the car! If you do not have one, all the better, you can use all the storage space.But otherwise, try to separate the space in well-defined areas: car, motorcycle, bike … on one side, and on the other storage: tools, business …
To separate them: a curtain, a removable partition, perforated wood panels or a large piece of storage furniture. Creating differentiated zones (one for the laundry, one for the storage of food …) makes it easier to find your belongings when needed.



4. Lay out your garage in living room

If your garage does not house any motor, why not rehabilitate it to make it a living room? Laundry, extra bedroom, game room, DIY workshop … it’s up to you!
Be aware, however, that there is a regulation to follow to turn a garage into a habitable room: Inquire at the town hall to know your COS (Coefficient of Land Use) or if the PLU (Plan local d’urbanisme) does not You do not have to have a garage, in which case the city could oppose your redevelopment! Also think that a house with parking or garage resells better.



5. Make your garage pleasant

Some tips to make it a pleasant space:
The breeze block style is nice in an industrial loft, but otherwise, remember to repaint to avoid the cold and austere side.
To gain thermal comfort, insulate the walls of the garage from the inside (insulation panels, plasterboard siding …) and if you make a room, install a radiator.
Cover the floor: easily leachable lino, PVC tiles, non-slip floor, waxed concrete …
Finally, invest in pleasant lighting. If you have the possibility to enlarge existing windows to bring in natural light, it’s even better!