At first glance, it’s a simple wooden crate, designed to hold 12 or 18 bottles of wine. And then approaching, we discover the grooves of light wood and the name of the vintage marked on the side. The authenticity of this rectangular pine box inspires us, and if we turned it into a decorative accessory? Our 5 easy DIY ideas with a crate of wine!
* To make an original shelf with a case of wine (pictured above), here is the tutorial of Shake my blog.
Wine box to recycle


A crate of wine as a planter

Stack in the spirit of current trends, the crates of wine used as a flower pot represent a true no fault decoration. Ultrasimple to realize since it is enough to slide its earthenware pots in the box, they combine the expensive light wood with Scandinavian design and a zero carbon impact since they are 100% recycled.And if they highlight a collection of succulent XXL, then they immediately give us the desire to succumb to the urban jungle trend!



A mini vegetable garden in wine crates

At LLH Design, the wine crates are sublimely recycled to create a mini vegetable garden on its balcony or terrace. Salads, sorrel, radishes, strawberries, parsley and other aromatic plants find the depth of land sufficient, and crates can move easily to modulate the space according to its needs. But be careful, it is not enough to fill them with soil, you must first prepare the wood, drill holes in the bottom for drainage, set a tarp to prevent rotting and even consolidate the corners with stainless steel brackets. But these few hours of DIY will soon be rewarded with the first harvest!
Potager wine boxes



Kitchen shelves in crates of wine

At home, crates of wine fill all DIY enthusiasts who like to make their own furniture, to the point that more and more stores offer crates of wine for this purpose only.Ideal to learn this practice, the recycled kitchen shelf allows to create design and custom open storage. A little paint for the fund bottoms, two beautiful layers of varnish, some hammer and drill to fix the boxes to the wall, and after a few hours of work here are beautiful wooden shelves to finally have everything at hand .
See our video tutorial to create a wine crate shelf for the entrance
Kitchen Wine Racks DIY



A library 100% recovery

Once the shelf technique has been mastered, all you have to do is start making a wood crate library! More original than a Billy Ikea, this solution allows to store many books inside each box while modulating the furniture according to your needs and your wall.Ideal for quirky spaces and for big wine lovers!
Our video tutorial to build a wine crate library



Storage for the children’s room

What is the relationship between your next delivery of Burgundy wines and the room of loulou, 4 years? If you have already succumbed to the deco “crate of wine”, the answer is self-evident: the bottles are for you (to consume in moderation), while the case mounted on wheels will make a beautiful toy box for Loulou!



Other ideas found on Pinterest:

And if you have access to a stock of empty crates (lucky), you can also take inspiration from these ideas found on Pinterest. Good DIY!