15 small kitchens that have nothing to envy to large

With their space saving tips and layout solutions , small kitchens have everything big!

1. A small kitchen concentrated in one block

The kitchen of this Parisian apartment of 36 m2 is bright and friendly, open to the living room. All functions have been combined into one module, consisting of an Ikea box base and a warm oak cladding. Although small, this kitchen area still includes a central island !


2. A small kitchen open to the outside

For less than 3,000 euros, this small kitchen has found its place between the entrance of the apartment and windows overlooking the outside. Thanks to an interior canopy , the kitchen is delimited from the living room without however being completely dissociated, for more fluidity and light. Echoing the Parisian style, metro tiles dress the credence , giving the passage of the depth to this small space.


3. A mini kitchen nestled under mezzanine

In this former fully renovated concierge lodge, the small kitchen takes place under the mezzanine . The construction of the latter, without support pole on the ground, allows the kitchen to breathe despite the low ceiling. Perfectly optimized, the space includes all necessary storage space, including a folding table that serves as a dining room table or desk when unfolded. Malin!


4. A small kitchen arranged in the continuity of the stay

In this small Parisian studio of 25 m2, the TV corner and the kitchen were gathered on the same wall to maximize the space. Thanks to a harmony of colors and materials, the open mini kitchen blends into the decor and is a continuation of the living room furniture.


5. A mini kitchen that does not leave marble

The immaculate little kitchen of this studio of 16 m2 opted for a minimalist decoration to free the space. The choice of white can attract the light and create the illusion of volume, which is not negligible for this mini L-shaped kitchen . The marble credenza and the gray tiles bring a trendy and harmonious touch to the room.


6. A narrow kitchen all in length

If this kitchen does not lack space in length, we can not say as much about its width. To compensate for the lack of square meters, the furniture and walls of the room have been repainted in white, and a large window has been installed in order to bring in as much light as possible. Finally, a bi-materials wood and tomettes floor was chosen in order to warm the atmosphere. Original!


7. A small kitchen in a nook

This 20 m2 Paris is full of tricks gaining space, and its cuisine is no exception to the rule. Housed in a small corner near a window, the tiny kitchen of this studio is discreet. Graphic cement tiles, subway tile credenza, wall shelves , ceiling lights … Despite its small size, the room remains both decorative and functional.


8. A mini kitchen open in a studio

This custom kitchen opens completely onto the main room of this studio with exposed beams . In order not to overload the room, a simple return of the work plan serves as a dining room table. The mirror wall at the sides of the kitchen reflects the rest of the home, creating a sense of space.


9. A small kitchen full of pep

To make this little kitchen with a vitamin-like look, a dividing wall was cut, thus decompartmentalizing the room. The mini-orange kitchen now opens to the living room, and a bar making the link with the living room goes around the partition. Malin!


10. A kitchen in L and black & white

This small L-shaped kitchen boasts a total black & white look with these graphic cement tiles and its black painted ceiling . The result ? A mini kitchen full of relief that wants to be chic and elegant. We are totally fan of the reminder of diamond patterns on the credence and on the ground …


11. U-shaped kitchen in reduced space

Scandinavian atmosphere and minimalist design for this small semi-open kitchen. All white and light wood clad, it blends into the background and looks larger than it is. Its U-shape allows to occupy the maximum space on a small surface, while isolating the room without partitioning it.


12. A narrow kitchen with glass roof

This long kitchen has been modernized thanks to the installation of an indoor canopy that allows the room to be closed while allowing light to pass through. With touches of mustard yellow and light wood, the small kitchen enjoys a refreshing and trendy decor.


13. A small kitchen separated by low partitions

In this space-constrained kitchen, low sloping partitions allow the different spaces to be separated while maintaining a certain opening. This type of unusual development greatly favors conviviality!


14. A little immaculate kitchen in L

Sobriety and simplicity are the watchwords of this immaculate little kitchen. As a decoration, simple wall sconces and a pot of flowers were installed to brighten the room. The credence in clear cement tiles completes the decor with success.


15. A mini kitchen installed under the roof

This attic kitchen consists of low furniture that fit perfectly under the attic spaces of the room. Here, each square meter has been optimized, and the work plan even serves as a dining room table.