Sometimes we get bored so hard that nothing gets us out of this apathy. Yet, in the name of challenge, our spirit (and not just competition) awakens. The great thing about the challenges is that they are moreover declinable in all areas. In decoration for example, there is something to fill his days but to avoid overdose, we have selected 10 challenges decorations among the most fun.


1 – Choose the 20 most beautiful photos of his lover or his children.

With digital, we shoot at all costs. Between selfies, photos for fun and those for holidays, the computer is filled with files that finally look pretty little. Organize a family party to elect the most beautiful photos, those that deserve to framed or in a beautiful album.
Time : A few hours of laughter and tears in the eye.
Reward : A wonderful album to print.



2 – Move a piece of furniture from one room to another.

The layout is not very important. The proof ? So change a single piece of furniture in your main room and you will see a new space available to you. What seems immutable to you is actually a habit of comfort. The simple act of moving a piece of furniture can make you aware of a possible optimization in your decoration.
Time : Less than an hour.
Reward : Rediscovering a piece of furniture that ended up becoming invisible and doing a little exercise.



3 – Rearrange your library.

Many people think that the library is only a storage cabinet like the others, however, with its particularity of being open and without doors, it is much more visible than a simple wardrobe. Why not take advantage of this space to create a little decoration with zero budget? By storing by color or in the style of a Tetris, there are plenty of ideas for an offbeat library.
Time : Depending on the number of books, it can take from 10 minutes to 2 hours.
Reward : Find books you thought were definitely lost!
deco style arty custom-made library



4 – Place a thematic table

In the manner of “An almost perfect dinner”, one can imagine a challenge that would require to create a thematic table, just to have fun. take back dishes and linens that often end up not coming out of the closet.It is also a good way to involve children in setting up the table without moaning.Finally eat on a beautiful table with the feeling out of the daily routine.
Time : Less than an hour.
Reward : A good and beautiful family meal.



5 – Make something new with old people

Everybody has at home a piece of furniture or a worthless object that is kept for its practical aspect but that we could very well do without.It is therefore the ideal object to try DIY without burrs. It may be repainting the feet of a chair, stripping a door or using his masking-tape on a wall. Here, the challenge is to do with what you have without spending a dime. When you reach the DIY ninja level, you can then spend a little more money on it.
Time : Between 1 and 5 hours.
Reward : A new unique decorative object!



6 – Bouquets of flowers every week

This is a challenge that we could hold a month in the manner of a challenge or much longer if we become addicted (it is the florist who will be happy!). You should never underestimate the power of a bouquet of flowers in the decoration. Whether it’s the color, the shape or its place in the environment, the bouquet of flowers can transform a room. Try, you will be surprised!
Time : 5 minutes
Reward : An unparalleled visual and olfactory pleasure.



7 – Make your own illustrations

When your walls seem a little too sad, you have the choice between the purchase option or the artistic option. No need to be a draftsman or a painter, there is always an illustration at your fingertips. In the worst case, you can still use a printer but nothing beats your own. Start with a geometric subject, easier to copy but as soon as you feel comfortable with your artistic fiber, there is no doubt that your walls will thank you.
Time : Between 10 minutes and 2 hours.
Reward : A home-made wall decoration.
wall frames



8 – Make a list of his deco obsessions

Everybody has his decorative obsessions, objects that make you dream because they are part of these icons of design or simply because they have always been beloved.It can be a leather club chair, a pallet coffee table or the Gae Aulenti Pipistrello lamp. Make a list of his crazily desired items can be an opportunity to take stock of his possessions or give gift ideas to those around him. Interesting not as a denouement?
Time : Less than an hour.
Reward : Better identify your tastes and make this list known to those who want to give you a gift.



9 – Remove 1 kilo of clothes from your closet.

If the idea of ??putting away your closet does not usually please everyone, the prospect of reaching a weight quota of clothing is much more pleasing. Yet the result is the same but in the second case, we have a lot more fun. Do not try to understand.
Time : Less than two hours.
Reward : A more airy wardrobe.



10 – Exchanging a decorative object with a loved one

In the manner of an art library (which allows you to borrow works of art), why not try with one or more friends to exchange decorative objects? This is an interesting way to test new styles at home without giving in to overconsumption.
Time : 5 minutes.
Reward : Rediscover an object in a new environment.