The bathroom or the washroom or whatever you name it, this private room in your home sometimes can be difficult to keep it tidy, especially if it is too small! Towels, soap, shampoo, beauty products, laundry, and simple decorations to remind you are at home not in the office restroom. All these small items take up space, and that can be pretty messy in a room that also needs to stay fresh and sanitary.
So what do you have to do when you deal with a small bathroom? Get creative! We have collected together 5 small bathroom ideas that could change your life. Or, at least keep your towels and laundry in a separate place.

1. Use floating shelves.

If forcing a sink counter to counter all the cleansers, moisturizers and other mess were a crime, we would have a very hard time. So instead of cluttering the counter, try to go vertical. You can have floating shelves in multiple sizes. Floating shelves are useful additional storage even in the tightest space.

2. Make Use of the space behind the door.

Everyone has this problem, whether you are living alone or a family of four, you will find yourself looking for a place to hang the wet towels. A wet towel will turn smelly quickly if you left it in a heap or folded over an equally wet shower curtain. The solution is simple actually; install a towel bar in the back of the door.

Not all bathrooms fortunate enough have places to hang towels, Hang towel bars behind closed doors is a good way to resolve the lack of space problem and an effective measure.

make use of the space behind the door
paint strips on your walls

3. Paint stripes on your walls.

There are tons of ways to design a small bathroom. You could get a standard landscape painting from a store with a discount of course, or you could use your old paintbrush and paint symmetrical. Adding a horizontal or vertical strip to a bathroom gives the illusion of a wider (for horizontal) or taller layout (for vertical) plus, it also looks cool!

Stripes, especially on walls or floors are awesome. They have an excellent architectural power to change our view and reshape a space. That is why a stripe is a good way to design rooms.

4. De-clutter all the beauty products.

Women, on average, spend about $426 billion a year just for the beauty products! It is highly possible that some of those products have expired. De-clutter your product by putting it in the trash can. Here are some of the items you can consider:
•    Lipstick: After one to two years.
•    Face wipes: After two months.
•    Mascara: After three months.
•    Sunscreen: After three years.

De-clutter all the beauty products
Just like foods, some cosmetic products have an expiration date and year printed on the package. You need to pay attention to it. Some of them come with a symbol of a jar with an open lid plus a number. The symbol means the expiration date starts once you open the seal. The letter is usually a ‘M’ and ‘Y’ it is for Month and Year. So if you see ‘12M’ that means the product will expire 12 months after you open it.

5. Organize the existing stuff.

Once you have all the products that you still can use left, try using these popular organizing hacks: Hang spice racks on the wall and put your hair products there. Attach StickOnPods to the inside of the medicine bathroom cabinet for toothbrushes and other small things. Put a stacked plate rack on the bathroom counter to add vertical storage with a beautiful appearance. There are some of the useful hacks to organize your stuff on the internet.